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    Centum City Haeundae

    Newly developed area in Haundae, Busan; which contains business districts, big shopping malls. The BEXCO convention center is located in the Centum City. At the center, there is large business complex has been organized. There is also big area of residential zone most of this city, and most of them are constructed as high-rise of apartments with modern-style. Moving population here is growing every year as more busienss are moving into this area.

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    Marine City Haeundae

    This city is just below area of south east end of Gwanan bridge. One of the tallest residential apartment building has built here. This area is nick-named as Marine city since there is big yachting marina ceter is located in the middle of city. All of the apartment buildings are built as high-rise types and they are becoming popular to foreign expatriates who moves into this neighborhood.

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    Dalmazi Haeundae

    This neighborhood is considered as old-part of haeundae. There are mostly old-styles of low-rise villas and apartments are complexed here. There is also touristic place in this area. "<The Dalmaji Road is located on the side of Wausan Mountain and leads to Songjeong Beach beyond Haeundae Beach. It is a quiet path thick with cherry trees and pine trees, called the “15 curves road” for its panoramic vision of the boundless ocean.